Color Changing Rhinestone Filled Tumbler

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This is a 24 oz double walled Starbucks Tumbler with rhinestones inside. This tumbler is filled with about 20,000 rhinestones, and comes with a rhinestone lid. 

The lid, logo, and the “drip” on the tumbler will change colors activated by cold temperatures. The color will change from pink to purple, and will change from purple back to pink without cold. 

Every tumbler comes with a lid, green Starbucks straw, and colored straw which the seller will choose.


Cup Care:
-Hand wash only
-Do not drop
-Do not soak
-Do not scrub
-NOT dishwasher safe
-NOT microwavable
-Avoid extreme heat

Please message me with any request you have. If you are looking for a specific glitter, vinyl, or rhinestone color, then please message me as I have various glitters and rhinestones that aren’t listed on my shop.